Three Cheers for the Duvet Mum

A week ago we heard on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that Danny Willets from Sheffield had just won the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta Georgia, the first Brit to win this prestigious competition in 20 years.

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During the broadcast (at 1 hours 45 minutes into the show), Danny’s mum Elizabet explained that when her children were young, they would spend their holidays on Anglesey Island in Wales.  Whilst Elizabet enjoyed her vacation lie-ins, her husband took the boys to play golf.  This little remark just reminded me of all the things that the (in)famous Tiger Mum, Amy Chua, would do to push her children to achieve greatness.  Some people need but minimal support to make it to the top.  Amy, I suspect, would question this notion.  If the Tiger mums held golf in as high esteem as the violin or maths, presumably we’d be seeing far more south east Asian masters of the greens.


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